one resounding voice
one resounding voice
Echoing Women’s Worth Around The World.


Echoing women's worth around the world.




One Resounding Voice began with a roundtable of twelve diverse women from a variety of ethnic, social, and political backgrounds. Together, we answered the call to create a cohesive language to realign women with their God-given value. 

As a collective voice, we are not protesting. Instead, we are contributing to the cultural conversations about women in positive ways. We are offering value-based, identity-centered language that we can all speak at the same time. 

For your convenience, we have provided “I AM” images that you can text, post, and share freely. Please use them to elevate women to their God-given value, and echo women’s worth to the world.

Download the “WHO I AM” poem and shareable images here.

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We are One Resounding Voice, aligning women with their God-given value, echoing women's worth around the world.


DOWNLOAD the “Who I am” Poem and sharable images here.

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SHARE the poem and social media graphics though massive media markets like e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In and any other area where you have influence. Do this daily for a year.

INCLUDE the language of the “Who I Am” poetry in your daily conversations. We have created an onslaught of positive, uplifting messages about women, lighting a wildfire that will:

• bring out the best in who we are

• call us to be courageous, and

• dare us to make a difference


Join us as we share the “Who I Am Poem” with women we influence.